At the end of this month, the FAST Act will expire and the nation’s federal transportation programs will lapse. Without legislation from Congress that’s signed by the president, federal money flowing from Washington to states funding transportation and infrastructure projects will cease and the Highway Trust Fund will face an even greater shortfall.

Take Action Now!
NRMCA and their allied associations are continuing to advocate in Washington for Congress and the president to come together and pass a one-year extension of America’s highway programs.

They are asking Congress to:

  • Extend the FAST Act for one year
  • Ensure that the Highway Trust Fund has adequate funding
  • Provide emergency relief for state departments of transportation (DOT) to reinstate canceled and delayed projects

The impacts of the pandemic and shutdowns have left many state DOTs underfunded and infrastructure projects in jeopardy. It is critical that the extension includes relief funding for state DOTs.

Washington needs to hear from you. It is critical that you make your voice heard – as a voter and as a representative of America’s infrastructure construction and materials industry.

Please click here to take action – urge Congress and the President to pass a one-year extension to the FAST Act.