SC State House Update

By Ben Homeyer

It has been a crazy few days with the Legislature back in session. The Senate passed a budget that the House does not intend to take up (always subject to change).  The Senate passed $680 million in cares act dollars which the House changed a little bit.  One good thing in each are dollars for the UI trust fund to make sure it does not go bankrupt and keep rates as stable as possible.  Both bodies put money (grants) in for small businesses that are minority owned  to help them with covid related expenses.

Details on them are still being worked out and will happen in conference next week.  Business License Reform is stuck in the Senate but after several Senators put their name on the bill we were able to get them removed so it will come up for debate on Tuesday.  The big issue is third party collections.  Small cities want to outsource their collections which can become hunting season on business in South Carolina.  Liability reform for Covid is still being discussed in both bodies.  The Senate tried to pull it out to the floor but was stopped. Hearings are supposed to happen next week and Senator Massey is trying to push for the bill to be heard.

In a discussion with the Governors staff today they are willing to call the Senator that is causing the most issue on Liability and Business License reform to see if he can sway them.  One final piece is the House amended a bill to exempt forgiven PPP loans from state taxes.  This will conform to federal law which has already passed.  Rep. Laurie Funderburk pushed for it and the House leadership was on board.  It is expected the Senate will concur.  Next week is going to be a mad dash to the end next Tuesday thru Thursday.  Thursday at 5:00 is the scheduled end for the General Assembly this year.

Benjamin Homeyer


1101 Public Affairs