The CRMCA is governed by a Board of Directors that meets three times per year.  The Board is made up of Producer and Associate Members who are focused on overseeing the operations of our association and representing the interests of all members.


2024 CRMCA Officers & Directors

John Bryson
Southern Concrete Materials


Pete Knight, Vice President
Knight’s Redi-Mix
Jamie Nelms, Secretary
Chandler Concrete Co., Inc.
Shawn Baker, Treasurer
S & W Ready Mix Concrete Company LLC
Michael Kanlic, Associate Director at Large
Lee Amick, Associate Director at Large
Holcim (US) Inc.
Henry Martin, Immediate Past President
Thomas Concrete, Inc.
Melissa Swanson, Argos USA LLC
Reid Harris, Concrete Supply Co.
Lauren Buchanan, Central Carolina Concrete
Adam Loftin, Eagle Rock Concrete
Zach Satterwhite, Carolina Sunrock LLC
Dan Crosby, Metrocon, Inc.
Todd Thompson, Port City Concrete
Bob Wiggins, Wiggins Concrete Co., Inc.
Bart Jones, Carolina Ready Mix & Builders Supply, Inc.
Mark Hartsell, Carolina Concrete Company Inc.
Bert Nunn, The SEFA Group
Rich Moses, American Materials Company



The CRMCA appreciates the the support and service of our Past Presidents.  These individuals have helped mold and shape our industry through generous gifts of time, energy and commitment.

Elbert F. Lewis, 1951-53
Harold E Shelby, 1954-55
Harry O. Null, 1956
J.E. McWatty, 1957
J.F. Hassell, Jr., 1958
A.L Muirhead, 1959
Alan K. Owen, 1960
R.E. Manieri, 1961
J.T. Salmon, 1962
H.L.P. Smith, 1963
R. Patrick Spangler, 1964
J. Chris Swift, 1965
Earl S. Dunn, 1966
E.T. Coughlin, 1967
R.O. Evans, 1968
D. Van Smith, 1969
Wayland Linthicum, 1970
Robert Scott, 1971
Lewis Holt, 1972
Carlisle Smith, 1973
Harry L. Tsumas, 1974-75
James E. Cook, 1976-77
Eddie Green, 1978-79
Larry Thompson, 1980-81
Don Cockerham, 1982-83
Guy Tate, 1984-85
James Forkner, 1986-87
Robert Chapman, 1988-89
Thomas E. Chandler, 1990-91
Richard Sauer, 1992-93
C. Edwin Bentley, Jr., 1994
Randall L. Buchanan, 1995
Dan O’Shaughnessey, 1996-97
O. David Tharpe, Jr., 1989-99
Whit Kennedy, 2000
Jim Combest, 2001
William Jackson, 2002
Ted Chandler, 2003
Jerry Smeltzer, 2004
Ray Ledford, 2005
Jay Loftin, 2006
Harry Shaw, 2007
Mark Hartsell, 2008
John Allen, 2009
D. Van Smith, Jr., 2010-11
William N. West, 2012-13
Michael Berry, 2014-15
Henry Batten, 2016-17
Bob Wiggins, 2018-19
Bart Jones, 2020-21
Henry Martin, 2022-23