CRMCA is a proud supporter of the RMC Research & Education Foundation.  Our annual contribution supports many of the programs and research projects that help advance our industry.  Utilize the info below to stay in the loop with many of the online offerings:

This year, online resources have become more important than ever. Online classes, videos, and electronic downloads have become the norm and the RMC Research & Education Foundation has a variety of resources that both you, and your members, may take advantage of immediately.

Many of the Foundation’s deliverables are available for download for free from the Foundation’s website, including the recent releases of the report Impact of Extended Time to Discharge on Concrete Durability and Performance and the report Improving the Reliability of Resistivity of Concrete. The extended mixing time report, produced by researchers at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, will be used to support changes to ASTM C94, while the resistivity report, performed by researchers at the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association’s Laboratory, provides another tool in the Prescriptive-to-Performance (P2P) arsenal in supplying a reliable and cost-effective test method for the permeability of concrete. Also available are popular guides, such as the Guide to Concrete Overlays and Asphalt Parking Lots and the Guide to Concrete Trails. Each of the main categories of materials have their own webpage making it easy to find materials within those topics. The Foundation’s YouTube Channel also has a variety of resources available 24-7, including all of our driver onboarding and recruitment videos/radio spots and the plant safety video released earlier this year.

As you know, the Foundation, in partnership with the Portland Cement Association, founded the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Concrete Sustainability Hub (CSHub). In the more than a decade since its establishment, the CSHub has provided a great deal of research and information, include research reports, studies and issue briefs, which may be found on their website. The researchers have also offered several webinars, including two upcoming: Doing More with Less: Economically-efficient Management of Pavement Networks, scheduled for Thursday, September 24th, and Sustainable Pavements: It’s About Much More Than Just Materials, scheduled for October 8th. The webinars are free, but participants must register in advance. If someone is interested but unable to participate, the webinars are recorded, and their recordings made available after the webinar. For more information, to access previously-recorded webinars or to register for those upcoming, please visit the CSHub Public Webinars & Recordings page.

The RMC Research & Education Foundation was established precisely to help support the ready mixed concrete industry during difficult times. We encourage you to share the Foundation’s wide breadth of resources with your membership and appreciate your partnership in helping to make these resources as widely available as possible. Be sure to encourage your members to join the Foundation’s mailing list so that they may receive information on new Foundation resources as soon as they are available.

Should you have any questions or would like more information on the work of the RMC Research & Education Foundation, please do not hesitate to contact Executive Director Julie Garbini or Senior Director Jennifer LeFevre. Thank you for your support of the RMC Research & Education Foundation!

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