CRMCA Member, Wayne Brothers Inc. is kicking off a brand new training initiative, the Onboarding Program, and it will begin on Monday, 7/16. This program will last 5 days and is to be held every other week.  It will span topics relevant to incoming apprentices and other new hires. One of the biggest struggles in the construction industry is turnover and in order to address this from a different perspective, they are taking a new approach and integrating our newest people into the Wayne Brothers culture. Through immersive training they are helping to build confidence and trust within the team and the company.

Each person will go through modules that include layouts, digging footings, templates, forms (MEVA, Peri, etc.), heavy equipment operation, and pump, trench, and other miscellaneous topics relevant to their particular placement.

Each group will begin their day within our training grounds at Wayne Brothers’ Headquarters. Every week, the group will create a concrete pad with approximately one yard of concrete, giving them the experience necessary to assist their teammates with preparation and execution.  Anyone interested in supporting the program by providing 1 yard of concrete can contact Jiliana Dulaney, Training Coordinator at 704-437-2544 or