Legislative and Funding Updates

The SC Senate concluded their work on the abortion debate. Sending a bill back to the house after
three hours of debate. Differences from the House version include adding in exceptions for fetal
anomalies and allowing abortions for any reason up to six weeks. The bill goes back to the house who
will take it up September 27 th.

The SCDOT has announced that Justin Powell will be the new Chief of Staff for the agency. Previously
he held the position of Deputy Director in charge of Finance and Administration. Maggie Hendry will fill
in for Powell in an acting position.

The SC House has formed a new Ad-Hoc Committee: The State Economic Development and Utility
Modernization Committee. Among the areas of consideration will be utility modernization, workforce
development, and infrastructure investment designed to attract industry:
Speaker Smith issued the following statement: “With extraordinary economic growth in recent years,
including unprecedented revenue, it is time for South Carolina to harness her diverse, dynamic position
and maximize her full economic potential,” said Speaker Murrell Smith. “While I intend for the
committee to study multiple facets of economic development, our desired outcome is simple: to foster
the best business environment in the Southeast, attract and retain transformative industry into our
state, and prepare a modern workforce capable of meeting the evolving demands of these industries. I
am confident that South Carolina’s best days are ahead – and now is the time to prepare ourselves to
rise to that occasion.”

Committee Membership:
Chairman Jay West (District 7)
Representative Nathan Ballentine (District 71)
Representative Sylleste Davis (District 100)
Representative Lee Hewitt (District 108)
Representative Kimberly Johnson (District 64)
Representative Roger Kirby (District 61)
Representative Steven Long (District 37)
Representative Brandon Newton (District 45)
Representative Russell Ott (District 93)
Representative Mark Smith (District 99)
Representative Leon Stavrinakis (District 119)

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Representative Deon Tedder (District 109)