NC Legislative Update 5/22/20

By Lexi Arthur

On Wednesday, North Carolina State Auditor Beth Wood addressed a Senate committee about her department’s recently released audit. She told lawmakers the Department of Transportation’s inability to manage its budget led to overspending worth more than $742 million in the last fiscal year. The article below explains: “The NCDOT has bit hit hard by budget cuts and furloughs as a result of the overspending; the COVID-19 pandemic, moreover, is exacerbating the painful choices for state officials. Earlier this week, in fact, NCDOT announced it will furlough nearly all of its employees in phases during the next several weeks. The department said the pandemic has cost the department $300 million in revenue.”

On May 27th at 12:00pm, the Senate Committee on Transportation will meet to hear presentations from the Board of Transportation and the Department of Transportation in response to the performance audit conducted by the State Auditor. The committee will be live streamed. To tune in, click here.