Congratulations to CRMCA member, Crete Solutions, on showcasing its newest facility at Camp Davis Industrial Park in Holly Ridge during a groundbreaking ceremony Friday morning.

The new building will provide seven jobs and is the second business to move to the industrial park since last fall.

The executive director for Jacksonville-Onslow Economic Development Mark Sutherland says the new business will also help with tax revenue.

“We can have better roads, we can improve the schools, we can pay teachers more, we can support parks and recreation, so on a lot of fronts this is a big deal,” said Sutherland.

Crete Solutions President, Bill West, says the Holly Ridge location is central to reaching their customers

“So is to serve this market, Jacksonville to the north, and Wilmington to the south, as it’s growing markets. This is a good​ area in between,” said West.

Crete Solutions’ building is expected to be complete by October.