SC Legislative Update

By Ben Homeyer

The South Carolina Coordinating Council for Workforce Development (CCWD) was formed in response to a general need for improved coordination of workforce development efforts. The General Assembly established the CCWD in Act 252 of 2016 to “engage in discussions, collaboration, and information- sharing concerning the state’s ability to prepare and train workers to meet current and future workforce needs.”

Act 67 of 2023 further expanded the role of the CCWD to achieve and sustain South Carolina’s
workforce potential through collaboration and coordination. This new era of the CCWD will better align and enhance South Carolina’s education and workforce system so that it is readily accessible, highly effective, and easily understandable. The first meeting of the council will take place on August 15th. Representative Jay West who is in charge of the economic development group in the House will be presenting at the first meeting.

Rep. West in October will be chairing the above-mentioned committee to begin to look at the needs of small business in the state. Taxes, Workforce, childcare needs for employees, tort and insurance reform are just a few of the issues that will be on the agenda when the committee starts meeting. Small businesses in the state are generally looked at as having less than 50 folks while the federal government looks at them as having under 500 employees. I would encourage each of you to convey to Caroline and myself the challenges that you are facing, particularly as small employers. Some of you come October may be asked to come testify for the committee.

Commerce Update

In May the department reported they were at 39 new projects for 2023 totaling $5.3 billion and
creating more than 8,500 jobs.  As of this morning they are at 54 projects, with $5.6 billion in
investment, creating more than 9,800 jobs.  So while the investment has only gone up 300 million over the summer the projects are going up so means a lot more of our product will have to be poured in the coming year(s). These projects are all over the state so opportunities for all members should be present.

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