Committee funding and recommendations of the SC House Business Re-opening Committee


By Greg Homeyer

  • Establish a grant program for small minority owned business
    • This should cover losses due to COVID-19
  • Supports the work of the House COVID-19 liability committee on temporary protections for businesses
  • Supports continued funding to replenish the Unemployment Trust Fund
  • Continued funding of workers compensation for first responders inflicted with COVID-19
  • Continued funding of broadband expansion to rural communities
  • Funding other options for childcare for those displaced by closure of childcare facilities  
    • This effort will be more focused in rural communities
  • Continue to support public-partnership options for the procurement of protective equipment
  • Support South Carolina Department of Agriculture local campaigns
  • The CARES Act limits online grocery buying to certain retailers who have obtained USDA qualification  
    • Funding should be available to help smooth this process for consumers and help sellers become qualified
  • Grants to Technical Schools to help retrain those displaced due to job loss
  • Recommend extra restrictions on alcohol licenses
  • Possible ability for retailers to do curbside pickup or drop off of unopened beer or wine
  • Contact with nonprofit organizations to see how the state can work with them
  • Provide assistance and technical support to small business owners