SC Legislative Update 5.13.20

By Ben Homeyer

The Response group of the AccelerateSC group met today.  This is the business group.  They discussed a number of issues.  Liability was brought up before the committee.  Doctors, hospitals, retail, businesses and manufacturing all talked of a framework for a safe harbor position.  The General Assembly is starting to look at language which they could take up when they return this summer.  The group is hopeful the accelerate task force will support the measure.

Child Care facilities are still a major point of concern to the business community.  The state still doesn’t have a clear picture as to why many of them are not opening.  These closures are a major hinderance for business getting going.

Amusements will be getting a recommendation from the committee to start opening in phases.  Those that can have limited numbers and can be sanitized on a regular basis.  Those such as large scale sporting events, camps, and even playgrounds that are unsupervised and can’t be cleaned regularly will be closed.

Sports fields such as youth soccer and baseball are developing guidelines.

Hotels were also discussed at length as a way to get the tourism industry going.  But they are looking at some major reductions.  No cleaning service during the visit.  24 hour room downtime between guests for it to be fully sanitized, no valet parking, no room service.  There will be set of guidelines on the webpage