Hope everyone made it out to vote yesterday.  It was a long day for many as voting in some precincts went well in to the night because of voting issues. The expected outcomes occurred in the federal races with Lindsey Graham cruising to victory to face Jamie Harrison in the Fall for the US Senate.  Nancy Mace dispatched numerous rivals to outright win the GOP nomination for the first congressional district.  Joe Wilson won easily to secure the 2nd district a Moe Brown got almost 70% to face Ralph Norman in SC-5.

In South Carolina Senate districts all of the Incumbents but one took their districts easily.  The lone exception was Senate Judiciary Chairman Luke Rankin who will be facing a runoff against John Gallman.  Both Gallman and Carter Smith mounted a big challenge to Rankin.  That race will take place in two weeks on June 23rd.  Should Rankin lose Senator Chip Campsen is in line to be the next Judiciary Chairman.  Twenty-nine of the forty-six Senate seats will be contested in the November elections.  The Senate has three open seats for the November elections.

In the House Reps Jimmy Bales and Kit Spires both lost as incumbents.  Bales was a 20 year incumbent and Spires for 14.  Representatives Neil Collins and Bill Chumley will both have a runoff.  A runoff will also occur in five other races.  Rep. Davis in district 100 faces a mandatory recount as she was the winner by 41 votes.  This is the second straight election she has won by less than fifty votes.  In November forty-nine seats will be contested.  At least thirteen seats will have new members for the next session.

And for those of you that may wonder if your vote really does matter.  In a local race in Greenville for County Council one candidate Ken Cosgrove won by exactly one vote.

A full tally of results can be found here at the SC Election Commission.  https://www.enr-scvotes.org/SC/103402/Web02-state.250556/#/