SC Election Update

By Ben Homeyer

Below is an election update from South Carolina yesterday.  The House will organize next month on December 6th.  This is when committee assignments will go out.  The Senate is in the middle of their term, so they do not need to do so.

South Carolina held their elections yesterday.  All Constitutional officers were on the ballot as well as all House Members.  Results are not finalized as of this email, but it appears the results are as follows:

Henry McMaster defeated Joe Cunningham for Governor.  McMaster received 58% of the vote.  McMaster and Pam Evette will serve four more years.  If McMaster finishes his term he will be the longest serving governor in SC History.

Ellen Weaver defeated Lisa Ellis for Superintendent of education.  Weaver received 55% of the vote

All of the remaining incumbent constitutional officers won their races. 

Alan Wilson – Attorney General – 97%

Curtis Loftis – Treasurer – 80%

Richard Eckstrom – Comptroller – 98%

Mark Hammond – Secretary of State – 63%

Hugh Weathers – Commissioner of Agriculture – 77%

All of the incumbent Congressional members who won their primaries also run their General Election

District 1 – Nancy Mace – 56%

District 2 – Joe Wilson – 60%

District 3 – Jeff Duncan – 98%

District 4 – William Timmons – 91%

District 5 – Ralph Norman – 64%

District 6 – James Clyburn – 62%

District 7 – Russell Fry – 65% – defeated incumbent in primary


Tim Scott was elected to the US Senate with 63%


The incumbent 2021-22 General Assembly was 81-43 Republican (65% GOP). The Senate, which will be on the ballot in 2024, is 30-16 (also 65% GOP).  The House has added five more republicans in contested races in 2023 bringing their numbers up to 88 and democrats holding 36 seats.  In total 26 new house members will be at the Statehouse this year.