Covid19 Update

13 July, 2020

By Gary Gresh

Covid19 appears to be gaining strength in the Southern states and out West. South Carolina has seen a spike in the number of new cases which may be a combination of more testing results and the opening of more stores and restaurants.

But it seems now clear that the “Cat is Out of The Bag” so to speak. And that we must learn to live with this virus until either a good therapeutic drug or vaccine is produced.

It is therefore even more important now to employ the social distancing rules and mask wear when on the job. Everyone should wear a mask in public and especially in tight quarters where the virus seems to thrive and spread.


  1. Always have a clean mask to wear.
  2. Keep a fresh towel in your cab and use it with a disinfectant cleaner to keep your steering wheel and dash board wiped clean often.
  3. Carry you own water bottle and never use one that has been handled by others. Stay away from community construction water igloo water containers.
  4. Carry hand sanitizer and use it regularly.
  5. Wash all of your clothes each day and wear fresh clothing each day to work.
  6. Wash your boots and shoes off each evening.
  7. The most vulnerable population remains 50 and above in age, but new cases are being seen in younger adults because they are not social distancing themselves. The young always feel they are strong and invulnerable!