COVID 19 Update; 20 July 2020

By Gary Gresh


The Virus continues to add Positive Tested cases in North Carolina and South Carolina.

But the overall death-rate in percentage has not increased exponentially. This may point to the fact that both states have a very active testing program or it could also mean that the virus is spreading faster but may be weakening through natural progression. No one is really sure right now.

Regardless, The CDC continues to recommend the wearing of masks, washing of hands and maintaining social distancing when at all possible.


The Top Ten things for Covid 19 Safety Remains:

  1. Social Distancing
  2. Mask wearing when possible
  3. Use sanitizer often
  4. Wash your hands after each delivery
  5. Wash your clothing everyday
  6. Wash your PPE every day
  7. Clean your steering wheel and controls after each delivery
  8. Carry disinfecting wipes and gel in your cab
  9. Avoid touching your face when possible
  10. Do not shake hands with others on the job!