Ready to practice for the Annual CRMCA Mixer Driver Rodeo or Host Your Own Event…

Reserve the CRMCA Rodeo Trailer Today!

The CRMCA Rodeo Trailer is now available for use by members and outside organizations for those wishing to set up a practice course in preparation for the CRMCA Annual Mixer Driver Rodeo or others wishing to host their own events.  The trailer is available free of charge to CRMCA Members as a benefit of membership and to outside organizations for a $500 fee.

The CRMCA Rodeo Trailer is fully equipped with all items needed to host your very own practice course or Rodeo event with 10 course obstacles and all support items such as baby powder, cones and more.

If you are interested in securing the trailer for a week day or weekend please complete the form below.  Based on availability you will receive a confirmation email and invoice (if fee applies) to secure your date.  From their pick up information and trailer rules and requirements will be provided.

The trailer must be returned in good condition with no missing items.  Failure to comply by any member or outside organization will result in a $250 fee.  A checklist will be provided at time of pickup and we will notify you of any missing items or noncompliance within 48 hours of returning the trailer.  The trailer is located in Charlotte, NC.  Weekend pickup is available, but you must notify us in advance.

CRMCA Rodeo Trailer Use

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    Please note we will schedule the trailer for your full duration based on pick up and return dates, max term not to exceed 7 days.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Required for non-CRMCA members requesting use
  • Please list any special requests including pick up / return needs, additional items, etc.
  • I understand and agree that pick up and return will be to 1425 Brittney Lane, Burlington, NC 27215. I am an authorized individual for the company/organization listed above and will be responsible for adhering to all rules and regulations associated with use of the CRMCA Rodeo Trailer.

    Failure to comply will result in an additional fee.

    Please type your name below in agreement and understanding to the statements above.