2020 is a critical year with ALL state legislators up for re-election.  We are asking all CRMCA members to make a PAC contribution of $2020, $200, or any amount in between.  By supporting the CRMCA PAC’s today, you can help elect leaders who will protect the concrete industry.  The future of our industry depends on it!

Be part of our 20 in 2020 campaign by contributing to the state PAC of your choice today!  All contributors between May 1 and November 9 will be included in our 20 in 2020 Raffle.  Contribute to the PAC of your choice below:

North Carolina    South Carolina

20 IN 2020 RAFFLE

Every $20 donation will be entered into the raffle:

  • All tickets purchased are a contribution to the NC or SC PAC based on your selection
  • Tickets must be purchased with personal funds
  • Drawings will be held virtually and announced on Nov. 15th
  • No need to be present to win

PAC 101 Info


When you join the CRMCA PACs you can:

  • Help elect those who will defend our industry, regardless of political party
  • Promote pro-concrete legislation and relief from unnecessary regulatory burdens
  • Educate influential lawmakers about issues that matter to YOU and our business
  • Pave the way for new business opportunities
  • Ensure the voice of our industry is loud, clear and powerful in state government

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Consider making a donation today to the North Carolina PAC
and/or the South Carolina PAC.

*Please note the rules regarding contributions vary greatly between the two states and their respective PACs.

The Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association has two separate Political Action Committees (PAC) representing both North Carolina and South Carolina. Both PACs are bipartisan, multi-candidate state political action committees organized with the specific goal of raising funds to support the election and service of pro-business, pro-industry candidates for all areas of state government.

Contributions to CRMCA PACs for North and South Carolina are investments in the future of your business and the ready mixed concrete industry as a whole. It is essential that we are able to support the candidates that understand and will fight for the issues important to us when they are in office. Candidates who receive support from the CRMCA PACs know our critical issues and understand the depth of that support because it comes from the unified voice of our association. There is strength in numbers and the CRMCA PACs allow us to pool our resources and influence public policy.