OSHA’s New Inspection Program
By Gary L Gresh – CRMCA Safety Advisor

Many CRMCA Members may have missed the recent March 4, 2021 article In the Wall Street Journal about OSHA’s unprepared response to the Covis19 pandemic. If not, you can view the article here.

If you missed the article or do not have access to the WSJ, here is a brief summary:

1. The agency was just not designed nor prepared to handle the Covid Pandemic.
2. It was used to chemical and physical hazards in the workplace, not biological and
disease on the scale of Covid19
3. By the time the agency realized it was receiving g complaints from employees they
found themselves concerned with their own employees and a had a real lack of
knowledge and plans for such an event
4. The Department of Labor Inspector General has recently issued a report very critical
of the OSHA response to the pandemic and charged the agency with coming up with
detailed plans and inspections.
5. You will soon see the repercussions of the IG report when OSAH begins new
inspections and visits to companies in the near future either as random inspections
or inspection follow-up to complaints received from employees.
You should prepare Now!
1. Each company should visit the OSHA website and look at their new Covid19 plans for
2. Each company should create and distribute their own Covid 19 plan and guidelines
3. Each company should institute their plan throughout their company and follow their
plan to prevent the spread of the disease
4. Companies should procure supplies: Masks, sanitizer, thermometers, and other
Covid related protections as might be n necessary in their particular environment.
5. Companies must train and have proof of training all employees in these guideline
and protection measures.

*Disclaimer: GRCC provides Safety and HR advice to CRMCA based on the experience of the provider.
CRMCA understands that the advice is given in good faith and attempts to provide the most current
advice in these areas. OSHA regulations and State and Federal law remain the baseline, and all members
should subscribe to available publications and OSHA offered programs to ensure the most current