NRMCA & CRMCA Call on Members to Take Action to Oppose PRO Act

The House of Representatives is expected to consider the PRO Act next week. Click here to send your Member of Congress a letter asking him or her to oppose this harmful legislation. The PRO Act would reinstate the anti-business joint employer standard, the blacklisting rule, the persuader rule and ambush elections. In addition, the bill would require that employers turn over employees’ private information to unions without employees’ consent, elimination of private ballots in union elections, nullification of state right-to-work laws, compulsory payment of union dues by non-union members, and impairment of employers’ ability to seek counsel on labor issues. You can read more about the legislation here.

You can help fight this legislation in two ways. First, click here to send your representative and senators a letter urging them to oppose the legislation. Second, click here to share how the legislation – if enacted – would impact your business. The more examples we have, the stronger the case we make to Members of Congress and key staff.

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