The Governor on November 3 is going to introduce a new program using his GEER dollars (these are federal covid dollars giving to each governor) which will make technical college education essentially free for many students in SC.  The first round of funding which the Governor can directly put towards the program is $17 million.  He will then be asking the General Assembly to put $124 million into the program in January using their ARPA money which came down for covid related expenses.  Students who enter certain areas of study such as construction, CDL drivers, and others (full current proposed list attached) would get the cost of tuition covered.  The jobs that they are highlighting are in industries that are in most need in SC.  This program is being set up to try and fill the employment gaps that are out there.  They will be targeting both those already unemployed but also those that are in high school trying to make those decisions.  This may become a good opportunity to get folks into the industry.  The Governor is hopeful that some companies will bring people on board and send them to school maintaining their position while they become trained up and qualified.  They are planning for the program to start January 1 to capture folks for next semester.  One thing they are kicking around as well is adding in a wage stipend to get more of those that are say on the road driving a truck In to the classroom as a teacher as they can make so much more driving vs teaching.