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NCGA Activity/Budget

Over the month, the NCGA has met just 2 days to hold committee meetings and vote on legislation. Because the bodies could not agree on a budget, the Senate stopped holding committee meetings and there was not much else for the House to take up policy wise.

At the end of last week the logjam broke and as of this morning it appears there is a budget compromise. The impasse was based on the Senate wanting to legalize four casinos in NC not on tribal grounds and the House republicans were not in favor of putting this provision in the budget. It appears the compromise is that the budget will be voted on without casinos or Medicaid expansion. However, a second bill will be voted on that deals with those two issues and for either to become law, both bills must pass and become law.

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Other Important Items

NCDOT Secretary 

Last week, Secretary Eric Boyette announced his retirement effective Sep 30, 2023. Governor Cooper has named Joey Hopkins as the next secretary. Joey has over 30 years of experience working with NCDOT in positions spanning from the division office level to currently being the departments’ COO. In the governor’s press release he stated, “Secretary Boyette has served North Carolina with distinction during my term as Governor, first as Secretary of the Department of Information Technology and now as Secretary of Transportation, and I’m deeply grateful for his hard work and commitment to the people of our state,” said Governor Cooper. “I’m confident that Joey Hopkins will continue this outstanding work as Secretary of the Department of Transportation when he steps into this new role a few weeks from now.”

RDU Quarry 

The NC Department of Environmental Quality has issued a permit for the quarry at RDU despite their efforts to oppose the same. They have asked the court to prevent operation of the quarry at that site.