CRMCA has been working with a few municipalities in regards to City Curfews – this NC Curfew Letter 6.1.20 was circulated to city council members and city attorneys in an effort to clarify ready mixed concrete operations and clearly show our need for operating hours outside of curfews.
Specifically, we have been working with Raleigh City Council members and the City of Raleigh Attorney since Monday when they enacted the city curfew – initially they were not interested or open to granting any exemptions…after some definite back and forth Monday into yesterday we got approval today that ready mixed concrete operations are good to go and continue business as usual outside of the curfew hours in the city.
The City of Raleigh documents released today (6/3/20) add to the list of exemptions ‘on-site manufacturing and operation centers’ – while we didn’t like that initially….we decided to embrace it and go the route of our Mill Tax Exemption (we are manufacturers of concrete and it is being “manufactured” while in transit) and use that as our angle to show we feel we can fall in the list of exemptions as originally published.  We knew working with what was already written would provide the fastest turnaround.  So, the outcome….they agreed, clarified for us in writing and now ready mixed concrete operations are good to continue outside of the curfew.
As a reminder, the statue for mill tax reads:
According to general statute § 105-164.13(5n), ready mixed trucks are considered mill equipment and thus are manufacturers. 
We sent this along with our interpretation noting that “We are interpreting the City Council’s exemptions for the curfew to include our industry because of this statute” – and received agreement back in writing.
Additionally, we had similar success in Asheville, NC today getting a written exemption for ready mix operations to continue as an operational business outside of curfew (8pm to 6am).  In SC, they have thankfully now lifted all of their curfews (with the exception of a new one in Sumter Co. starting tonight) – long and short the SC ones mostly ran for only 1-2 nights.
Looking forward to moving past all of this – thanks for your continued support!