NC Legislative Update

By Cady Thomas

Activity Updates

CRMCA Legislative Visits

CRMCA visited the legislature on Wednesday May 17 and had a number of meetings with key legislators and industry friends. The reception that evening was very successful with a record number of legislators attending.


Changes in NCGA Leadership

After making comments unbecoming to a member of the House, both Representatives Jeff McNeely and Keith Kidwell have resigned from their leadership positions. Both were Deputy Majority Whips.


Bills and Legislation

Senate Budget

The Senate introduced and passed their version of the budget the week of May 15. The budget diverges from the House’s version with differences ranging from state employee pay increases to reductions in personal income tax. The House did not concur with the Senate’s budget and it now heads to conference.


Transportation Provisions in Senate Budget:

  • Increases funding for the Strategic Transportation Investments Prioritization Program by $469.75 million in FY 2023-24 and $604.5 million in FY 2024-25 to help prioritize and fund large transportation projects across the state.

  • Provides an additional $75.6 million for contract resurfacing.

  • Spends over $400 million each year on the replacement and preservation of bridges.

  • Boosts funding for the General Maintenance Reserve used to help upkeep roads by over $311 million.

  • Bans state agencies from mandating the sale or purchase of EVs.


Boards and Commissions Legislation

Senate Bill 512 will change the way several boards and commissions are appointed in NC, moving many of the appointments from the governor to the NCGA. The most relevant changes for CRMCA are the changes to the NC Board of Transportation. Those changes include:


  • All current terms end effective June 30, 2023;

  • New members will be appointed in staggered terms;

  • No more than 3 voting members can live in the same highway division; and

  • 20-members will be appointed as follows:

    • 7 by the Speaker;

    • 7 by the Senate President Pro Tem; and

    • 6 by the governor.

Election News

Candidate Updates

  • Attorney General’s Race

  • Lieutenant Governor

    • Former state Senator Ben Clark has joined the Democratic primary.

    • Former Spring Lake Mayor Chris Rey has dropped out of the race.

    • Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page is running in the Republican primary.

  • Auditor

    • Former Greensboro councilman Jim Kee is no longer running for Lt. Gov but is running for Auditor.

McCrory’s Plans

Former Governor Pat McCrory is joining with civil rights leader Ben Chavis in an effort to form a “unity ticket” for the 2024 presidential election. Their group is called “No Labels” and is working to gain recognition as a 3rd party option in all 50 states.