NC Legislative Update

By Cady Thomas

Activity Updates

The Last Two Weeks

Crossover occurred on May 4 without the typical fast paced drama that included Rules meetings on the floor of the House and Senate or stopping the clock at midnight to meet the artificial deadline.

With a few exceptions, bills that did not pass their body of origin by yesterday are dead for the biennium. As you know, the gut and amend process here in NC means any bill’s trajectory may change and content from a dead bill can find life.

The post-12 week ban on elective abortion bill captured the bulk of the attention this week. The bill was unveiled for the first time on Wednesday in a rare (possibly first) Joint House & Senate Rules meeting with final passage by both Chambers on Thursday. The bill was sent to the governor with veto proof supermajorities given Representative Tricia Cotham’s switch to the Republican party a couple weeks ago.

After the hectic crossover week, the NCGA did not meet for committees or votes last week. They will return to Raleigh May 15 with votes as early as May 16.

CRMCA Legislative Visits 

The CRMCA will visit the legislature and hold a legislative reception on Wednesday May 17.

Bills and Legislation

Senate Budget

The Senate will roll out their budget proposal May 15 at 3pm and will vote on it this week. It will then go back to the House who is expected to not concur and the conference committee process will start. As a reminder, the House budget spent $29.8 billion and Governor Cooper’s proposal spent almost $33 billion.


NC Financial Outlook

Last week, the State Budget Office adjusted their forecast down by $136 million. They now expect the general fund to take in $33.62 billion by June 30, the fiscal year’s end. This number is still more than $3 billion more than the state budget spent last year and $416 million higher than last year’s collections.


Election News

More Potential Candidates

  • Attorney General’s Race

    • Congressman Dan Bishop

    • Former U.S. Attorney Andrew Murray (will not run if Congressman Bishop runs)

    • House Speaker Tim Moore

    • House Speaker Tim Moore’s General Counsel Sam Hayes

    • State Senator Danny Britt

    • Forsyth County District Attorney Jim O’Neill

    • North Carolina Chamber of Commerce Legal Institute President Ray Starling

  • Congress

  • Lieutenant Governor

    • State Representative Jeffrey Elmore

    • Announced Candidates – State Senator Rachel Hunt of Charlotte; ex-Spring Lake Mayor Chris Rey; Hal Weatherman, a former aide to previous Lt. Gov. Dan Forest

  • Governor

    • Former Congressman Mark Walker will run for the Republican nomination.

Redistricting Update

Senate Redistricting and Elections Committee Chair told reports last week that the Congressional and Legislative districts would be redone in the fall of 2023, after a summer break for the NCGA. Candidates will file in December.

Other Important Items

Archdale Concrete Plant

The Archdale City Council denied a proposed concrete plant after neighbors opposed it.

NCDOT Fiscal Status – Back on Track