NC Legislative Updates

By Cady Thomas

Activity Updates

Transportation Funding

The Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee met last week. The most relevant discussion centered on the financial updates from NCDOT:

  1. Burt Tasaico, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Program Support North Carolina Department of Transportation, gave an update on the Infrastructure Investment  and Jobs Act.

  2. Stephanie King, Chief Financial Officer North Carolina Department of Transportation gave a financial and spend plan update.

NCDOT expects to receive $2 billion in federal money over the next 5 years from the infrastructure bill but it still will not prevent construction and project delays. Due to the increased costs of labor, materials, fuel, and land, the federal funds will likely be used to cover the difference in projected and actual costs of current construction projects underway.

Bills and Legislation

NCGA Short Session Bills

The 2021 Regular Session of the 2021 General Assembly adjourned March 11, 2022 to reconvene twice before the “short session” which will convene on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 12:00 P.M.

Short Session is limited in scope and must fall in one of the following categories:

1.     Bills directly and primarily affecting the State budget

2.     Study committee bills

3.     Local bills

4.     Constitutional bills

5.     Crossover bills (see list below)

6.     Appointment bills

7.     Gubernatorial actions

8.     Resolutions

9.     Vetoed bills

10.  Litigation

11.  Election law bills

12.  Bills disapproving rules

13.  Impeachment

14.  Adjournment resolutions

Bills Eligible for Consideration in 2022 Session


Numbers as of April 13, 2022:

  • 2, 639,241 total cases

  • 23,334 deaths

  • 369 currently hospitalized

  • 72% of adult population fully vaccinated, 62% of total population fully vaccinated


COVID Emergency

April 1, 2022 Governor Cooper signed an executive order extending parts of the original order to July 15. The House Republicans previously sent a letter asking for an end to all emergency orders. The order extends  “certain health and human services provisions,” most notably, the school systems’ ability to conduct testing.


Other Important Items

Council of State

The 13 members of the NC Council of State approved the issuance of $300 million in road construction bonds. The State Treasurer, Dale Folwell, shared strong economic news and said that the debt  “is scheduled to fall nearly 70% over an eight-year period. That’s great news for any level of government.” These funds must be used on one of the 25 locations included in the Build NC projects plan.


Election News


In a recent High Point University poll, Governor Cooper is the only prominent North Carolina or national politician with a favorable rating among state residents.

North Carolina politicians (favorable/unfavorable/unsure or not familiar):

Roy Cooper: 45/35/20 (+10)

Thom Tillis: 31/39/30 (-8)

Richard Burr: 27/39/34 (-12)

Pat McCrory: 29/37/34 (-8)

Ted Budd: 20/27/53 (-7)

Mark Walker: 14/19/67 (-5)

Cheri Beasley: 17/22/62 (-5)

National politicians:

Joe Biden: 38/55/8 (-17)

Donald Trump: 44/47/9 (-3)

Kamala Harris: 34/51/15 (-17)

Mike Pence: 36/41/23 (-5)


U.S. Supreme Court: 46/31/23 (+15)

Elon Musk: 44/25/32 (+19)

China: 13/67/20 (-54)

Russia: 10/78/13 (-68)