With the primary election over, members of the North Carolina General Assembly are back to enjoying “the interim” between long and short sessions and have returned to their districts, full time. 

As an addendum to our Primary Night Report, here are the three, runoff election races (also called a “second primary”) which will bring voters back to the polls on May 14:

US Congress, District 13

Kelly Daughtry v. Brad Knott

Council of State, Lt. Governor

Hal Weatherman v. Jim O’Neill

Council of State, Auditor

Dave Boliek v. Jack Clark

In the 6th District Congressional race, Mark Walker elected not to seek a runoff against race leader Addison McDowell.  McDowell does not face opposition in November.   We will be providing you with pre-election analysis prior to November for your consideration. 

Short Session 

Short session will officially begin on April 24th.  We anticipate a truly “short” session given it is an election year and legislators need to be home in their districts well in advance of the November, general election to campaign (if in a contested race).  Usually short session does not involve “new” or complex policy, but mainly budget adjustments and the consideration of bills that passed one chamber during the preceding long session. We are actively working with Caroline to identify any eligible bills for short session that were on the CRMCA watch list last session. 

Interim Committees

We will be monitoring interim committee meetings and are poised to relay any information to Caroline we think should be of interest or concern to you.  That said, please do not hesitate to share any questions or concerns that you have—sometimes you may hear an industry rumor we need to chase—so do not hesitate to reach out.  Susan (919) 618-3713 or Tom (919) 280-9184. 

Upcoming NC Chamber Event

For any of CRMCA members who are also members of the NC Chamber, there is an upcoming event called Building NC on April 2 at the McKimmon Center that is worth monitoring. Several of the panel discussions focus on infrastructure needs in light of NC’s economy and expanding population.  Attached is a link to the agenda. If you plan to attend, please contact Susan or Tom directly to help with the RSVP process and ensure proper recognition.

Upcoming Fundraisers

We also want to make you aware of some very important, upcoming fundraisers that you should consider attending (occurring just prior to short session).  They are the Joint Caucus Fundraisers on April 23.  At this point, we only have the invitation from the House and Senate Republican function as seen here.   

Why is it important for you to consider attending select fundraisers?  Coming to Raleigh (or attending legislative functions in your company’s geographic reach) underscores to lawmakers that you are interested and watching what is happening in Raleigh.  Your voice and friendly face at a fundraiser only bolster the work that we do for you at the General Assembly –every day.  

Here is the invitation for the R-event, and we will include the D-event when received.   

Please let Fetzer Strategic Partners know if you decide to attend (email Susan or Tom directly) – we can help with the RSVP process, make sure you receive proper recognition and also we can make strategic introductions to certain legislators.