By Cady Thomas

Activity Updates

Meeting with NCDOT COO Beau Memory

Members of CRMCA’s executive committee met with Beau Memory on Monday the 8th. It was a collaborative discussion about the pace of lettings, the use of life cycle cost policies, and sustainability. We share examples of ways we have worked with NCDOT in the past and he committed to continuing to work with CRMCA.

Meeting with Representative Dean Arp

We met with Rep. Arp to discuss the issues around mechanics liens and subcontractors not getting paid for jobs. He is willing to work with us to come up with ways to address these issues and deficiencies in the lien agent process.

SC Be Pro Be Proud Bus Comes to Raleigh

The SC bus was in Raleigh on Wednesday, March 10 to show NC legislators and policy staff the programs and training capabilities housed in the bus. We expect legislation to be filed in both the House and Senate to appropriate funds to begin this program in NC.

Bills and Legislation

H 165 DOT Legislative Changes – makes various amendments:

  • move services online;

  • require auto insurance companies to submit notifications about actions on insurance policies electronically;

  • eliminate a cap on public-private partnerships related to the Turnpike Authority;

  • make changes to criminal law issues, like expanding the reasons truckers and others can lose their CDL to include human trafficking; and

  • let law enforcement set up automatic license plate readers on the side of the road.


Funding Bill

The House and Senate quickly and unanimously passed a $1.7 billion COVID relief package and set it to the Governor on March 4. Some of what is included in HB 196 is as follows:

  • $600 million for COVID testing and related needs;

  • $3 million for upgrades to the NC COVID Vaccine Management System;

  • $30 million for litter removal by DOT;

  • $1,085,486 to be allocated in accordance with the FAA allocation to certain airports;

  • $229,282,615 as apportioned by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to DOT for STI projects, maintenance within the Roadside Environmental Unit, and $29,454,289 to be sub allocated to urbanized areas with a population over 200,000, as set forth in the FHWA apportionment notice;

  • $781,861 for the Enhanced Mobility of Seniors and People with Disabilities Program (49 U.S.C. § 5310);

  • prohibits use of CRRSAA funds for DOT employees;

  • prohibits use of CRRSAA funds to replace funds appropriated to the Department or approved for use in the Department Spend Plan;

  • requires the Department to maintain a 15%-20% cash balance for FY 21-22; and

  • requires the Department to submit quarterly reports to Joint Legislative Transportation Oversight Committee on use of CRRSAA funds.


Numbers as of March 11:

  • 879,825 cases

  • 11,622 deaths

  • 1,039 currently hospitalized

  • 3.8% – percentage of positive tests each day

Vaccine Update

Vaccinations are now available to Group 3 which includes workers supporting highway infrastructure. Group 4 persons with one or more high-risk medical conditions will be able to get a vaccine starting March 17th.

Other Important Items

NC Board of Transportation Adopts NC Moves 2050 Plan

To come up with the next long-range statewide transportation improvement plan, NCDOT conducted a two-year study in four phases. They examined the current state of transportation, drivers and opportunities, changes the future could bring, and the needs of the future.  NCDOT also engaged more than three million North Carolinians and community leaders to identify transportation needs, priorities, and solutions.

The outcome is a plan aiming to align future needs with policy recommendations. NCDOT states this is “a strategic, multimodal transportation plan aimed at preparing for the future, connecting communities and supporting North Carolina’s economy and quality of life.”

To review the plan, check out the Department’s interactive tool.

Cady Thomas

Partner, Focus Public Affairs