Matthew Sasser, NC Insider / State Affairs Pro, 4/26/24

Transportation Secretary nominee Joey Hopkins said he agrees that accountability in financial reporting is paramount to the success of his department.

A report from NCDOT CFO Mark Newsome in March indicated that accountability was a future goal in their future financial reporting. He said that NCDOT does accounting in a “unique” way that isn’t necessarily a problem, but creates some risk.

At a confirmation hearing by the Senate Transportation Committee on Wednesday, Sen. Vickie Sawyer, R-Iredell, asked Hopkins if DOT is still working toward this goal of better accountability.

Hopkins responded that his department is working with a consultant and hopes to have a short-term timeline within the next three months to have a better handle on how to match their financial reporting with their general ledger.

“We’re moving forward with that,” Hopkins said. “We may need to come back to you to ask for funding to help with that as we get further along.”

Sawyer asked what would be the largest agency challenge in completing this goal.

“Like a lot of agencies, we all get used to doing things how we’ve always done ’em,” Hopkins said. “Changing is always tough.”

Sen. Tom McInnis, R-Moore, said there will be a vote concerning Hopkins confirmation at the next meeting of the Transportation committee.