Dear Transportation Industry Partners,

I am asking for your assistance in studying an alternative approach for funding North Carolina’s transportation system by participating in a short pilot study that starts in early July. Our principal revenue source – motor fuel taxes – is declining due to increasing fuel efficiency and a growing number of electric vehicles using the state’s roadways – two trends that the department wholeheartedly supports. It is time to explore solutions.

North Carolina is partnering with the I-95 Corridor Coalition to study the potential of using a mileage-based usage fee (MBUF) instead of a state fuel tax. This approach would charge motorists for the miles they travel instead of the fuel they use.

We are looking for transportation stakeholders, like you, to participate, so we can collect real driving data and hear your perspectives on the operations functions and other issues. Participation involves a quick online sign up, plugging a mileage reporting device into your vehicle and driving.

Please note, no one will be charged a fee and no money will be exchanged. Both NCDOT and the I-95 Corridor Coalition believe exploring the feasibility of a MBUF solution is important; but are neutral on whether MBUF is the ultimate solution. Your participation will not be viewed as an endorsement of MBUF.

If you’d like to participate or get additional information, please contact Harris KayEnrollment starts July 6 and the pilot ends Dec. 31, 2020.  This link provides additional details on the pilot and where to go for more information.


Eric Boyette

Secretary North Carolina Department of Transportation