We are seeing some issues with “Essential Workers” getting into areas that have Stay At Home Orders – we expect this will only get worse.

So we are following the SC Trucking Association lead and we have created some resources for you all to use – attached are the following:

CRMCA Critical Workforce Letter – open word document and update your company/main contact at the bottom.  Place in each vehicle with each employee.

Essential Workforce Reference – this pdf should also stay with employee and vehicle as it highlights all of the areas we fall in under the CISA Document.

Lastly, please note – – these documents are NOT REQUIRED, they are not state documents, etc.  These are the items we, CRMCA, have created for you all to use in an effort to be proactive and avoid any confrontation with loaded trucks, perishable materials, etc.  Use as you see fit!  

Our advice regarding shelter in place, stay at home, and similar orders (including proclamations and declarations) is based upon the specific language contained in the order.  To date, several jurisdictions have issued such orders and the language and restrictions in these orders often differ.  These orders may change from time to time, as new and overlapping provisions are adopted which could alter the advice previously given.  It is also important to note that these orders are new, and the provisions have not yet been interpreted by the specific jurisdiction or by a court of law.  As such, our advice and recommendations represents our best opinions, based upon our review of the specific order and the circumstances existing at the time of our opinion.  We are not able, however, to guarantee how law enforcement or a court may ultimately interpret the order.