CRMCA Mixer Driver Rodeo Participants gathered at the 2016 CRMCA Fall Workshop Nov. 1-2 in Concord, NC to be recognized for their hard work and participate in education related to our industry.  As part of the 2-day event the Mixer Drivers were recognized and honored for their great work as some of the best Mixer Drivers in the industry.  Fourteen of the drivers entered the conference area in a parade to the front stage.  They were welcomed the entire way down with cheers, applauds and a standing ovation from the 230 conference attendees.  Each driver introduced themselves on stage and listed the number of years they had been a Mixer Driver.  CRMCA produced a video of event photos from the Mixer Driver Rodeo held in Greensboro, NC during May of this year.

We celebrate these drivers and thank them for their commitment to safety and our industry!  Check out the video here on our Facebook Page