Today’s webinar COVID-19 in the Workplace was held at 10am and we have recorded the session including the Q&A for any members who were unable to join.  We would like to thank Travis Vance of Fisher & Phillips LLP in Charlotte NC for a great, very informative presentation.  Also, a thanks to Steven Billings and the Relation Insurance Services team for making this available free of charge.

This webinar highlighted multiple areas including considerations for employers, ways to continually prepare and adapt, practical steps for protecting employees and limiting spread, what you can and can’t do for your employees and other public relations type items.

Please know this situation is ever changing and this presentation was created and presented as of March 18, 2020.  If you are watching 24 hours or more after the original date please note things could have changed, etc. and we will do our best to update on this blog post and recommend keeping an eye out on the CDC Page and OSHA Guidelines Page.

3/18/20 Recorded Webinar Link

EEOC Pandemic Reference

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC Print Resources – click here to view