SC Legislative Update

By Ben Homeyer


While things remain quiet for the most part as the summer recess continues…

CRMCA Leadership and Staff met with SCDOT leadership on August 11th to discuss ACI testing and certification.  Further discussion will continue as both sides look at the two ACI sponsorships in the state.  Discussions also took place about the competitive pavement process and ensuring that concrete road paving projects are considered.  SCDOT officials discussed the increased traffic patterns they are seeing in the state and how it effects both highway and off highway traffic and projects.  The meeting proved to be productive and will be the first in what will continue to be a push to increase certification for field level 1 in the state.  As updates happen we will continue to keep the membership involved.

The SC House Judiciary committee will take up the last of the allowed legislation for 2022 when they discuss the Dobbs act and how the supreme court ruling effects South Carolina.  It is expected that the full House will meet the week of August 22nd to hopefully conclude their business for the year.  The Senate will also begin meeting on the topic next week with a likely conclusion sometime after labor day.

I would encourage everyone to continue discussions with your elected officials as you see them out in the community.  At a ball game, picnic, on the lake etc., Summer is the perfect time to lay the ground work for issues they will see in 2023 and beyond.  If you have any questions about how to approach members or issues to discuss please just let me know.