NC Legislative Update

By Cady Thomas

Activity Updates

NC General Assembly Session

The NCGA continues to hold skeleton sessions as we remain in the 2021 long session.


Numbers as of February 28, 2022:

  • 2,589,517 total cases

  • 22,570 deaths

  • 1,618 currently hospitalized

  • 6.9% percentage of positive tests each day

  • 71% of adult population fully vaccinated; 61% of total population fully vaccinated

Election News


The 3-judge panel approved the second set of maps drawn by the NCGA for the NC House and Senate races. However, they rejected the NCGA’s Congressional maps and accepted the maps recommended by 3 former justices. The NC Supreme Court upheld the lower court’s decision. The NCGA’s Republican leaders have filed an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court to halt the implementation of the new Congressional map.

These are the new maps:

2022 Congressional Districts Approved by Three Judge Panel

Approved NC House Districts

Approved NC Senate Districts

Tough Districts

The newly approved maps have made the following districts more competitive:


  • District 21 (all of Moore and part of Cumberland): Republicans 50.17%, Democrats 48.60% over those 12 electionsIncumbent: Sen. Tom McInnis, R-Moore (filed in December)

  • District 7 (New Hanover): Republicans 50.02%, Democrats 48.53% Incumbent: Sen. Michael Lee, R-New Hanover (filed in December)

  • District 24 (Robeson, Scotland and Hoke): Republicans 49.77%, Democrats 49.25% Incumbents: Sen. Ben Clark, D-Hoke (announced run for U.S. Senate); Sen. Danny Britt, R-Robeson (filed in December)

  • District 17 (southwestern Wake): Democrats 49.82%, Republicans 48.80% Incumbent: Sen. Sydney Batch, D-Wake (filed in December)

  • District 18 (north Wake and Granville): Democrats 50.12%, Republicans 48.73% Incumbent: Sen. Sarah Crawford, D-Wake (has not filed)

  • District 11 (Franklin, Nash and Vance): Democrats 50.57%, Republicans 48.57% Incumbent: Sen. Lisa Barnes, R-Nash (filed in December)


  • District 98 (north Mecklenburg): Republicans 51.27%, Democrats 47.48% Incumbent: Rep. John Bradford, R-Mecklenburg (filed in December)

  • District 47 (Robeson): Republicans 50.22%, Democrats 48.95% Incumbent: Rep. Charles Graham, D-Robeson (announced run for U.S. Senate)

  • District 43 (Cumberland): Republicans 50.06%, Democrats 48.82% Incumbent: Rep. Diane Wheatley, R-Cumberland (filed in December)

  • District 20 (New Hanover): Republicans 49.81%, Democrats 48.66% Incumbent: Rep. Ted Davis, R-New Hanover (filed in December)

  • District 62 (northwest Guilford): Democrats 49.44%, Republicans 49.41% Incumbent: Rep. John Faircloth, R-Guilford (filed in December)

  • District 59 (east Guilford): Democrats 49.80%, Republicans 49.19% Incumbent: Rep. Jon Hardister, R-Guilford (filed in December)

  • District 103 (south Mecklenburg): Democrats 49.96%, Republicans 48.84% Incumbent: Rep. Rachel Hunt, D-Mecklenburg (filed for state Senate in December)

  • District 5 (Camden, Gates, Hertford, Pasquotank): Democrats 50.44%, Republicans 48.64% Incumbent: Rep. Howard Hunter, D-Hertford (filed in December)

  • District 35 (north Wake): Democrats 50.13%, Republicans 48.61% Incumbent: Rep. Terence Everitt, D-Wake (has not filed)

  • District 73 (Cabarrus): Democrats 50.44%, Republicans 48.64% Incumbent: Rep. Larry Pittman, R-Cabarrus (announced retirement)

  • District 24 (Wilson and Nash): Democrats 51.23%, Republicans 48.00% Incumbent: Rep. Linda Cooper-Suggs, D-Wilson (filed in December)

  • District 9 (Pitt): Democrats 51.16%, Republicans 47.81% Incumbent: Rep. Brian Farkas, D-Pitt (has not filed)