262 Employers Join SC Chamber Letter Supporting Liability Protections 

This week, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and over 260 businesses, institutions of higher education, and local chambers submitted a letter to the House Judiciary Committee calling for passage of S.147, the COVID-19 Liability Immunity Act. In an article published yesterday, the Associated Press’s Meg Kinnard discussed the SC Chamber’s letter as well as Governor McMaster’s letter of support. You can read her article here: SC governor, biz groups push for COVID liability protection

In a letter yesterday to the House of Representatives, Governor McMaster again noted his support for passage of a COVID-19 liability protection bill for South Carolina businesses who have acted in good faith to follow public health guidance throughout the pandemic. In calling for the House to pass S.147 without delay, he noted, “South Carolina business owners – including those in the hospitality, tourism, manufacturing, and healthcare sectors – should not be placed at future risk for following the recommended safety protocols which allowed them to operate and employ people during the pandemic.”

Thank you to all of the businesses and organizations around the State who signed our letterS.147 has a House Judiciary Committee hearing this afternoon, and we will continue to tell Representatives how important this issue is for business in South Carolina. We are hopeful that the bill will pass out of Committee with no further amendments and it will get to the House floor for a vote before the end of session on May 13th.

Bob Morgan
President and CEO